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Frequently Asked Questions

Skogkatt of the Year is an annual competition that rates the 60 most winning Norwegian Forest Cats in the world in the categories; Adult, Neuter and Kitten, according to their show-results.

  • Does it cost anything to participate ?
    NO! - There are no costs connected with this contest either for the clubs or for the participants. However you must be a member of a Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club in FIFe to participate.
  • Who started it ?
    Skogkatt of the Year was started by Ms Judith Zuurveld, Mr. Martin Kristensen and Mr. Arnulf Stelzner in 1993, as a private initiative. The objective was to make it possible to compare show-results internationally in order to award the most winning Norwegian Forest Cats in the world.
  • Who supports it ?
    The competition is now supported by all of the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed-Clubs in FIFe.
  • How do I find the amount of points awarded for a show-result ?
    That is very simple ! - You just take the highest result from the show - and look it up in the Table of Points listed in the Rules. This means that if your cat was i.e. nominated at the show - you will just use the no. of points awarded for a nomination. If the cat got a certificate or perhaps also even a BIV, they won't count, since a Nomination is 'higher' than those.
  • What can be won ?
    Well,- the honour is probably what most participants go for. However, the list of results, and photos of the highest winning cats are distributed to all the Norwegian Forest Cat Magazines. All participants will receive a list of results also, and the cats on the list will furthermore be awarded a personal diploma. Finally different sponsors award extra prizes for the winners, and all this is awarded at the Annual FIFe World Show (Check out the FIFe Show Calendar!).
  • Where does the rules come from ?
    The rules originates partly from Felis Danica (The danish FIFe organization), where a similar set of rules have proven their validity there for many years. Rules regarding number of show-results and limitations in where they could be achieved was added, in order to make a fair comparison of results.
  • Where should I send my entries ?
    Send them to;
    Sandro Chiavuzzo
    Chemin du Clos-du-Moulin 16, CH-1844 Villeneuve, Switzerland
    Tel. +41 21 964 41 82
    - before January 31. Remember to enclose copies of the certificates to confirm your show-results.
  • What about documentation ?
    You need to enclose copies of the show certificates that clearly documents the obtained result at the show. If you send your entries by e-mail, you can enclose documentation as scanned images. Please make sure electronic documents are easily readable and that image files are not too large (so that the mailbox is not filled or resulting in rejected mails).
  • What results are valid for entry ?
    All results from International FIFe-shows are valid.
  • When will I know how my cat did in the competition ?
    Winners will receive information as soon as possible after the deadline. Since you are also "online", you can check out the preliminary results which will be updated regularly until the closure date.